EIT Manufacturing Co-funded by the EU
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Virtual Machina (in short V-Machina) is a project funded by the EIT Manufacturing (EIT-M), which deals with the familiarization and training of students and practitioners working with industrial machinery and robots via Virtual Reality (VR).

Recipient of the EIT-M Success Story Award 2020

What is V-Machina?

V-Machina consists in the creation of a learning environment that allows users to get a direct, immersive experience with selected activities related to the manufacturing sector.

These experiences are monitored and designed around each user by tailoring the simulations to his/her very profile, taking care of physical and gender diversity, with particular attention to the identification of unsafe interactions and psychological status via activity recognition.


Resilient M&R practices
Democratization of VR simulation
No gender and diversity discrimination
Behavioural, physiological, and well-being at work monitoring & analysis

Paradigm shifts in education

V-Machina will contribute to the manufacturing community and, more in general, to society by boosting three paradigmatic shifts in education.


Indicates the easy modelling of M&R by means of the instruments provided by the VME.


Points to the possibility of offering a tailored experience via the VME, without any gender and diversity discrimination.


Encompasses the inclusion of emotions into the human-machine interaction, thus paving the way for an unprecedented virtual experience.